Tuesday, July 29, 2014

You are Valuable...

Have you ever looked at a penny.  One that was thirty years old, and another that was new.  The older one might be rusty and dirty, and the new shiny and bright, but they both have the same value.  The newer one does not have any more value then the one that is beaten and dirty, and doesn't look pretty.  We are each valuable.  No one is more less important.  You may feel bruised and ugly.  You may feel like you don't fit in, but that is not truth. Because the truth is, is that you are valuable.  Your life has significance.  You are important.  There is only one you.  There is only one person that fits the exact mold that you were created for, and that's you.  You see, when God looks at you He smiles.  You bring such joy and delight to his heart.  You are a reflection of Him.  He found so much value in you that He gave His life for you.  You are worth dying for.  Your life is more valuable than a penny.  Your life has worth. 

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